The New York Dog Magazine Content Includes …

New Leads
Here is the news. But for Dogs.

Doozie’s Diary
An Upper East Side Yorkie tells all. Move over Candace Bushnell.

Rex and the City
Over 16 pages of top dog fashion including the first Extreme Canine Makeover.

On the Couch
At last. A shrink for New York’s dogs.

Rex in Peace
A powerful and moving obituaries section, the world’s first.
Our features will cover the serious, the heart-warming and the downright hilarious:

  • How to Win Your Dog in a Custody Battle
  • What the Dogs of 9/11 Can Teach Us
  • Dogs are from Pluto, Cats are from Saturn. (We discover if they can ever share the same universe.)
  • How to Prepare Your Dog for a Co-op Board
  • Race for the White House (Kennel) – a History of Dogs in the White House

Our regular contributors include some of New York’s foremost journalists: Pat O’Haire of The Daily News. Susan Adams of The New York Times, and Cynthia R. Fagen of The New York Post. And – hold the front page – Jimmy Breslin gets a look in.

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