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BUSINESS/FINANCIAL DESK | August 16, 2004, Monday

MediaTalk; For Dogs in New York, A Glossy Look at Life

The New York Times:

New York Post


. . . PREMIERE issue of “The New York Dog” has Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth in it. Ditto Paula Abdul and her Thumbelina, Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell, me and Jazzy, Drew Barrymore and Flossie, Sharon Osbourne and Minnie. This magazine is really putting on the dog . . .


…Now, so what are people reading about here? Ready? The “Japan Times” featured “New York Dog” magazine’s first issue. And what are people not hearing about here? Robert De Niro’s visit to Master Chef Inoue’s Kaiseki eatery Misogi-Gawa, which is a dozen stools in Sanjo-Sagaru on Pontocho along the Kamo in midtown Kyoto. Part-time restaurateur De Niro asked to examine the kitchen…
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