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At PawfectlyNYC, our mission is to provide passionate pet owners in New York City with the resources, information, and support they need to give their furry friends the best lifestyle possible. Founded in About Us, we have been at the forefront of the pet industry, catering to the needs of both pets and their owners.


PawfectlyNYC was founded by Theresa Gonzalez, a renowned pet enthusiast and advocate for animal welfare. Her deep love for animals, coupled with her keen understanding of the challenges faced by pet owners in a bustling city like New York, inspired her to create a platform that would bridge the gap and address the specific needs of pet owners and their companions.

Founder – Theresa Gonzalez

Theresa Gonzalez, a visionary in the pet industry, has dedicated her life to positively impacting the lives of pets in need. With a background in animal behavior and nutrition, she has witnessed firsthand the transformative power that pets can have on people’s lives, as well as the potential to enhance the well-being of four-legged friends.

Website Creation

Driven by our commitment to empower pet owners and enhance the bond between pets and humans, PawfectlyNYC was created to serve as a one-stop resource for all things pet-related. We recognized the need for a reliable, authoritative platform that not only offered useful information and practical tips but also fostered a vibrant community where pet owners could share experiences, seek advice, and find adoptions or pet-related services easily.

Objective and Target Audience

Our objective at PawfectlyNYC is to become the go-to resource for the pet community in New York City. Our passion lies in educating and providing valuable insights to a diverse audience, including pet owners, aspiring pet owners, and local businesses catering to the pet industry.

Unique Value of PawfectlyNYC

PawfectlyNYC stands apart from the rest due to our unwavering commitment to quality, accuracy, and expertise. Behind our website stands a team of experienced and highly skilled editors, contributors, and industry professionals who curate and create content after meticulous research and fact-checking.

Not only do we cover a multitude of topics such as pet care, health, behavior, grooming, and advice for overcoming common challenges, but we also offer a platform for connecting with local pet services, vet clinics, and promoting animal adoptions through our adoption portal.

Join our vibrant community today and unlock the path to a joyful and fulfilling life for your pet in the heart of New York City!

Find comfort, find community, find PawfectlyNYC.

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